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Unlimited Platinum Upgrade + Bonuses!

Read Carefully. This Is Not Available Anywhere Except This Page, Right Now!

Access FunnelMakesPlatinum FeaturesBonus: Agency DashboardBonus: Funnels

Act today and you’ll receive the following:

[+] Access to FunnelMates membership including $30 FunnelMates cash, builder, templates, done for you funnel collection and ability to sell your own for cash in the store. 

[+] Unlock all platinum benefits including $30 FunnelMates cash each month (and an additional $30 immediately today), remove all limits for activating and publishing funnels, sell higher value funnels, clone your funnels and link to anything (SamCart, Amazon & more)

[+] Bonus agency dashboard, sell FunnelMates accounts to clients or create and sell funnels outside of FunnelMates and keep 100% of the profits

[+] Bonus 5 Additional whitelabel lead magnet funnels, complete with emails written for you, pages designed, giveaway downloads setup and ready to activate and turn into cash. 

[+] Bonus 140+ (plus 2 a month) Source code funnel stash of our growing collection of done for you funnels, ready to customise and sell in the FunnelMatesstore

Here’s A Full Breakdown Of These Features

Remove All Limits,
List Your Funnels In Our Marketplace At Higher Prices & Link To Anything!

Link To Any Site, Activate More
Funnels & Build Them 10x Faster!

Though… before we continue I have to give you fair warning…

In order to make this as effective as possible for you… This will only ever be made available to existing FunnelMates members – and only on this page, right here, today!

That means that you will never see this offer again, so please read this entire page carefully and choose wisely before you leave. So without further ado…

Here’s Exactly What You Get
With Your FunnelMates Platinum Upgrade…

Feature #1

$30 FunnelMates Cash* Every Month

Use This In Our Store To Unlock More Funnels

Have your pick of the highest quality funnels in as many niches as you like!

New funnels are added all the time, so you’ll definitely want to have FunnelMates cash on hand to unlock whatever you like… whenever you like .

You’ll have a constant supply of funnels in your account every single month like clockwork with your FunnelMates Cash account being topped up each and every month!

*FunnelMates Cash is our internal monetary system used to buy and sell funnels, so with more FunnelMates cash you’ll be able to get a whole lot more funnels!

Feature #2

Exclusive Platinum Funnels

Let Us Choose For You!

Not sure what to choose? We can help! If you’ve reached the end of the month and have FunnelMates cash left over we’ll trade it for exclusive access to our Platinum member only funnels.

Up to $20 left over FunnelMates cash unlocks premium license to a funnel our team develops promoting that month’s HOTTEST offer (not available in the FunnelMates store)

$30 unlocks complete whitelabel licensing to your exclusive funnel, allowing you to clone, customise and sell a brand new funnel in a hot niche each and every month.

Feature #3

WhiteLabel Funnels

Create And Sell Editable Funnels In Our Marketplace

When you sell a whitelabel funnel your customer will be able to edit pages, add their own products, change the emails as if it was their own. They’ll happily pay extra because you’ve done a lot of the setup for them.

Feature #4

Exclusive Funnels

Transfer The Entire Funnel To Your New Customer

You’ll unlock the new ability to transfer ownership of the entire funnel you’ve created in exchange for hefty amounts of   “FunnelMates Cash” 

You set the price, whether it’s $100, $500, $1000 or even more and if people love the funnels you build, they’ll be lining up for more!

Feature #5

List More Funnels In Our Marketplace

Publish An Unlimited Number Of Funnels

Regular members can create and publish a maximum of 3 funnels per month, whether they’re using them for personal use or listing in the marketplace. You’ll remove those limits and be able to create as many funnels as you like with this upgrade.

Heck, if you want to create 10, 20 or even 50 funnels, then you can!

There are NO LIMITS.

Feature #6

Activate More Funnels

Remove Instant  Funnel Activation Limits

Regular members can activate a maximum of 2 free funnels each month or an unlimited amount of paid ones if they have money to spend. You’ll be able to unlock as many free funnels as you want.

Feature #7

Clone Your Funnels

Click & Duplicate Your Funnels

If you want to make funnels faster this is your ticket. You’ll unlock a ‘clone’ button next to each of the funnels you’ve built allowing you to clone it, customise for a new niche or audience and list it for sale even faster! Duplicating funnels like this is one of the quickest ways to get high value funnels listed in the marketplaces faster as you’ll be able to list multiple funnels at the click of a button.

Letting you scale it to the moon!

Feature #8

Connect Products From Any Marketplace

SamCart, Kartra, Shopify & More!

For our regular members linking on the pages and in emails is limited to our integrated platforms – currently JVZoo, Warrior Plus, Clickbank and PayKickstart, but with this perk you can link to whatever platform you want, including SamCart, Katra, Shopify and so many more.

Why get boxed into only 4 affiliate networks, when you can use just about any platform available on the entire internet with this upgrade!

Here’s What Some Of Our Existing
FunnelMates Platinum Members Are Saying

“The FunnelMates Platinum upgrade is what you need to make money consistently and scale your income to heights beyond your wildest dreams. With $30 to spend on unlocking the latest and greatest funnels, for the hottest, freshest and most trending products, you’ll be well ahead of the pack and on your way to making great income every single month with these insanely hot offers as they are released. If you are serious about your online endeavours then this really is a must have upgrade!”
“Upgrading to platinum is a total no brainer. I love the fact that they have integrations to many other sales/payment processors which enables you to sell anything from virtually anywhere on the web. I also really love the duplication feature this has, so I can duplicate funnels with 1 click over and over again, to either sell to other members or use for my own marketing. There are so many ways to make money as a platinum member, and they’ll even give you $30 every single month with this upgrade. Never seen anything like that before! Don’t know how long they’ll be able to afford to do this, so if I were you I’d grab this with both hands right now..”

Get In The Fast Lane With
Unlimited Ready-To-Go Funnel Activations
& More Funnels You Customise and List!

If the idea of making a funnel still freaks you out then you’re going to love this!

You can make a funnel easily, but what if you didn’t have to make it at all… but still add funnels to our marketplace for the prices you choose?

With the platinum upgrade you can.

You’ll get $30 FunnelMates Cash each month to spend on your choice of funnels. Some of the funnels come with “WhiteLabel” rights – they usually cost a little more, but with Funnelmates cash in hand you’ll be able to easily afford it.

Everything in a whitelabel funnel is already built, the pages and emails written. You can customise these funnels however you want, set your price and resell them in the marketplace or make them available for free and fill your list with a constantly growing list of subscribers!

This platinum upgrade speeds up the funnel creation process and potentially puts you in the ‘highly paid funnel owner’ seat much faster.

Or if you don’t want to be a funnel owner, that’s ok too.

You can use your platinum powers to activate an unlimited number of instant funnels (instead of 2 free funnels a month) and use your FunnelMates cash to buy even more!

Exclusive Funnel Access
To Platinum Member-Only Funnels

Each month you’ll get a fresh $30 “FunnelMates Cash” top up to spend on your choice of funnels.

If you don’t want to choose, save some of your cash and at the end of the month we’ll reward your saving habits with our special exclusive staff pick.

Got up to $20 FM cash left over? We’ll exchange your money for a platinum member only funnel.

Got the full $30? We’ll upgrade your platinum funnel to whitelabel exclusive licensing. You’ll be able to customise the pages, emails and every part of the funnel and list it in the store quick! 

To list a whitelabel funnel you’ll need to do some customisation, but it will take you about 10-15 minutes tops – to have a readymade funnel to list – we’ll show you how!

These hot funnels aren’t available in the FunnelMates store hitting your account first!

Publish Whitelabel & Exclusive Funnels
Only Platinum Members Can List In The Marketplace

Two new funnel types are available to you as simply as checking a box.

As a platinum member you’ll be able to list Whitelabel and Exclusive funnels, setting a much higher amount – PLUS you’ll be able to use our cloning feature to create these higher value funnels in 1 click… which will be a piece of cake for you!

Point, Click & Clone Your Way To
Faster Funnels Flooding Your Autoresponders
With Targeted Leads!

There’s no faster way to get great quality funnels live, listed for sale than literally clicking a button.

And with new members joining FunnelMates every minute right now…

Speed is money.

Every member entering this platform has FunnelMates cash to spend and will want to unlock funnels.

So the faster you can get a funnel live and available for sale, the more FunnelMates cash you’ll be able to grab while this site is HOT!

Many marketers have made millions using the power of cloning, for example ‘Doggy Dan’ who created a product about how to train your dog and sold it on clickbank.

Then slightly edited it and marketed it as “How to train your German Shepherd”

Then… ‘How to train your Dachshund”

Then… “ How to train your Poodle” … etc. etc.

By slightly changing the emphasis you can reuse the same content, targeted different audiences and make a lot of money over and over again with very minimal effort.

You can use this insane shortcut to fill your account with tons of targeted leads to your accounts.

Seamlessly Open Up Doors To 
Multiple Marketplaces & Networks That Will Give You
An Almost Unfair Advantage!

You Can Easily Add Links For Anything You Want To Sell
Opening Up Limitless Doors To Sell On Your Favourite Platforms Like:

And Literally ANYTHING
You Want To Sell

Higher Ticket Products

Our current integrations are great for lower priced entry, but if you’ve got something outside of JVZoo, W+ etc, this is perfect for you. If you’re using a site like Kartra or SamCart (or a ton of other platforms) you can use this to build an affiliate army ready to send you sales.

Coaches & Teachers

Anyone who wants a list fast, without having to spend a lot of time doing it, is the perfect candidate for one of your funnels – and with the Platinum upgrade you can let them link to their own site, courses, downloads and more.

Easy Social Funnels

Sites like Clubhouse and Facebook are HOT for getting audiences, but most people aren’t building lists with them!

These funnels make it easy for anyone in any niche to build lists, adding a link to their profile, which makes for easy profits.

Second Tier Promo’s

Reach out to product owners and ask if they offer second tier commissions. Many do! You can then create a funnel for their offer and you’ll not only get funnel sales
– but also when anyone using your funnel makes a sale, you’ll share in the profits automatically…!


Create a funnel and list it in the marketplace – when someone activates the funnel you can give them YOUR referral link to join the MLM offer you’re promoting. Building your downline and equipping them with amazing sales materials too!

Link To Anything

With the Platinum upgrade you can sell directly from your site or even just link to a paypal order form.
You can sell these highly customisable funnels at a much higher price and leave instructions for your funnel customer on where to send the traffic!

With so many options, you’ll be able to create a new funnel, for however many niches or audiences you can imagine, even faster!

With no limits for what you can link to, you can create funnels for any program you can think of. You can create a generic niche funnel for musicians, pet store owners, massage therapists or people selling Facebook ads, graphic design as a service, or any other niche that you so desire.

If you can’t think of any ideas, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with extra hints, tips and suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

Not only will this open up multiple new income streams for you…

It’ll be a huge chance for you to create exactly what someone is searching for, so their decision is so much easier, giving you a huge advantage when you’re ready to start scaling your funnel business up to the next level!

In Fact…

You Won’t Find An Better Way To

Build Lists, Drive Traffic To Your Offers & Get More Out Of Your Online Business

This is a complete and ready to go “Permanently Expanding Upgrade”.

Set up your FunnelMates account, connect your autoresponder and get ready to experience the amazing snowball effect as you generate more and more leads on complete autopilot.

And fill your funds page with a constant stream of notifications as new people activate your funnels, sending you cash, leads and sales!

Becoming a successful list builder and affiliate marketer the fastest way ever. The old way is a heck of a lot work, and it can take an eternity. Are you really interested in spending your life on a wild goose chase?

Why put yourself through all the blood, sweat and tears?

Ask yourself this: Doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of this great offer right now? Once you lay your hands on this system, your financial situation could take a radical turn for the better in no time!

This is the fastest way to get started with your very own read-to-go system with a clear laid out plan already lined out for you and ready to activate… and today…

You Can Try It Out
Completely Risk Free!

I don’t want your money unless you are completely blown away.

So… if for any reason at all, you don’t achieve the results I’ve promised you today, you’re protected by my 30-day money back guarantee. Yup. I’m taking on the risk so you don’t have to. That’s how confident I am you’re going to love this.

The Decision Is Yours.

ACT NOW Because…

…As I said this VIP member’s special is very time limited.

You will never see this offer again.

And you will certainly not see everything included here at such a low a price, ever again!

If you want to fast track your way to affiliate stardom, there’s only one thing left to do…

Take Action Today And Get Access To It ALL…

Unlock Your Platinum FunnelMates Account

One Time Fee $997

FunnelMates Unlimited + Platinum + Agency & Bonuses Annual

$297 A Year

FunnelMates Unlimited + Platinum + Agency & Bonuses Annual

And me and for taking the time to read this letter, I greatly appreciate it. But more so, I’m excited for you to start getting the results you desire.

Talk To You Soon,

Cindy Donovan

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